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She knows what it takes to please the gourmet for she possesses inestimable experience and a lively imagination: Lady Isabel, the foundress and headmistress of Frankfurt’s Black Magic. She has been a dominatrix for 20 years. Beautiful, attractive and fantastically erotic, she uses her sonorous voice to make us adore her. Her expressive eyes seem to hypnotise us and all of a sudden, there is no way to escape from her aura any more. Isabel is a woman that turns the heads on Germany’s most fashionable streets. Each and every one of her 165 centimetres radiates pure femininity. Great legs (which she knows how to use and which are often accentuated by black stockings), a wonderfully feminine backside emphasized by her wasp-waist and, of course, her well-shaped bosom makes us extremely nervous. But stop! Isabel is not the woman who would perhaps offer herself to us in the nearest bed.

Isabel is a lady and an experienced dominatrix. Even your impure thoughts might be chastised in a way not to be endured easily. As a real dominatrix, Isabel will not allow any intimacies to take place. But she offers her attention - you may see, feel, and enjoy. She knows the sensitive parts of the male body like no other, and what is more, she knows the hearts and minds as well. It takes her only a short time to find out her subject’s longings.

The gentleman is a fetishist, perhaps? Or does he need his beautiful lady’s firm hand? Does he crave warmth or defloration from his lady? Would he in fact prefer to be a ‘she’? Even married couples visit Isabel to watch proper discipline. One time he wants to see Isabel correct his wife, another time she would like her husband to be chastised.

The well-equipped studio of Black Magic are prepared for everything. That they are well looked after, clean and discreet goes without saying. To the untrained eye, the Black Magic has the shape of an inconspicuous flat in an anonymous building. The Black Magic is located in central Frankfurt and is well reachable by public tubes.

Only recently, Lady Isabel has been awarded the title of “Domina Europe” for her extraordinarily good and correct work by the Ferry Masters Journal (issue # 30) - the magazine for the professional

Text by Ferry Masters